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RAGBRAI 2024 IV Hydration Booking

Welcome to our IV Hydration booking page for RAGBRAI 2024! We’re excited to support your journey across Iowa by offering hydration services at various towns along the route. To make sure you stay refreshed and energized, follow the steps below to book your IV hydration session.

How to Book Your IV Hydration Session:

  1. Select Your Town: Choose the town where you would like to receive your IV hydration. We have listed all the towns we’ll be at during RAGBRAI 2024.

  2. Choose a Booking Time: Pick a time slot for your appointment. This time is used for booking purposes only and helps us manage our schedule and resources for the day. Don’t worry if you’re running late or early – you can show up for your IV hydration at any time during the day you’ve booked.

  3. Complete Your Booking: Provide your details and confirm your booking. You’ll receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information.

Important Information:

  • Flexibility: The time you choose during booking is not a strict appointment time. It’s a placeholder to help us anticipate demand. Feel free to come by our location in the designated town at any point during that day.

  • Stay Hydrated and Safe: Our trained professionals will be ready to assist you with your hydration needs, ensuring you stay in peak condition for the ride.

We look forward to helping you stay hydrated and energized throughout RAGBRAI 2024. Safe travels and happy riding!

Day One July 20th Glenwood, IA.

Day Two July 21st
Red Oak, IA.

Day Three July 22nd Atlantic, IA.

Day Four July 23rd Winterset, IA.

Knoxville Image

Day Five July 24th Knoxville, IA.

Day Six July 25th Ottumwa, IA.

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