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Advanced Restorative

Hydration & Wellness

Restore Yourself to Optimal Health with IV Therapy Treatments in Iowa City, North Liberty, Cedar Rapids, West Branch, Kalona, Muscatine, and the Surrounding Areas.

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IV Hydration Therapy

Intravenous nutrition therapy represents a holistic approach to healthcare, providing vital hydration, vitamins, and essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream. The diverse concoctions used in IV hydration therapy offer a myriad of health advantages, such as enhancing athletic prowess and recovery, fortifying your immune system, boosting your vitality levels, and so much more.


Functional Medicine


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Are you tired of the quick fixes that never seem to address the root causes of your health concerns? Are you looking for a holistic approach that treats you as a unique individual rather than just a set of symptoms? Look no further than our Functional Medicine practice! 

Advanced Restorative

Hydration & Wellness

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