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Have you had one of those days or weeks where you just need a pick-me-up? I did and ordered a Rejuvenate Drip with glutathione. I’m always on the skeptical side but man what a wonderful boost of energy after the IV. Not only does this drip replenish essential vitamins, but the glutathione that was added helped to detox my liver, my body and rid oneself of heavy metals! We all need this. Days later I could still feel the pick-me-up that was so needed. Oh, and one last thing, you know that stick with the needle to get the IV started? Not only are my veins hard to hit, but they also roll. This lady – one stick and we were on our way to rejuvenation! I would do this everyday if I could.
Jean Ostroga
I slept better than I have in a long time and feel so much more energized today! I also feel happier and ready to face the world!! Will definitely do this again!
Beverly Miller
This service will legitimately change your life. I was on vacation and had let my hydration level get away from me. I was feeling absolutely terrible and had to fly home in the morning. Cheri was able to come to where I was camping, and recommended vitamin and mineral additives based on my symptoms and history of migraines. She used clean technique and her many years of nursing show in the ease of the stick- I barely felt a thing! 30 minutes later I was feeling so much better. My headache was reduced and muscle cramps were alleviated shortly after. The best part, 30 minutes flys by because she is so entertaining to talk to!
Nicole Taylor

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